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International Education Connect

Our media bring international students and international educators together

International Education Connect was incorporated in 1990 (then named EFL Services Ltd) and exists to connect students worldwide with educational institutions in Britain. Nowadays the best and really the only way to bring those connections about is through the Internet, and to that end we have created a family of websites for different educational sectors. We recognise the key role played by agents in the international education market and where possible and appropriate our sites are agent cooperative and friendly. Thank you for visiting this site - our contact details are below.

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30 Years Experience

We have produced electronic publications for international education since 1989.

Powerful Search Mechanisms

Sites offer multiple tried and tested mechanisms to suit all requirements.

Optimal Data and Linkage

Subscribers control their own data and user contact is made with them directly.

Service and Value

The sites are well indexed and supported and offer outstanding value for money.

The Sites