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International Education Connect Ltd

Incorporated in 1990, we pioneered software for language school administration with our (DOS) product "Stream-Line" which over the next seven years was installed in schools worldwide (13 timezones). We also mass-produced our database of UK EFL programmes - then called EFL Coursefinder - on floppy disk and distributed these worldwide. In 1997 we took EFL Coursefinder online as "English in Britain", and in 1998 published a suite of promotional media for the sector including website, full-colour printed guide and CD. In 2016 we published the first iteration of our "CoursePricer" utility.

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Founder / Director

David Blackie

Managing Director

I have spent all my working life in international (language) education. From the age of 18 when I went to France to teach English as an "assistant d'anglais" in Le Bouscat, Gironde (a suburb of Bordeaux) to the present day, I have been continuously employed (or educated or trained) in this exciting, dynamic sphere.

Teaching was how I - like most - got started: English in France, French in England, English in Denmark, Libya and Kuwait, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. A new door opened for me in Kuwait when a publisher from Thomas Nelson passed through and showed an interest in some teaching materials I had produced, and these were eventually published as "English for Basic Maths". Liaising with the publisher back in England that summer while on holiday from Kuwait, I was invited to join the company the following year as commissioning editor. I went back to Kuwait knowing that it would be my final year and that a change of career was scheduled.

It was while working at Nelson that I bought my first "computer" - things were very different then but Sinclair came out with the ZX81 which frankly didn't do much, but was at least affordable. Since those days I have been a language school principal, a British Council inspector, a school admin software developer and publisher, a web publisher and online application developer, using various generations of computers, servers and phones. Applying technology to international education has meant that I have been able to enjoy the pleasure of visiting schools and other centres of learning all over the world in a range of capacities.

Today, over 30 years since we incorporated, English in Britain is still working successfully as a portal and used by students looking for English language courses in the UK, while in CoursePricer we have cutting edge technology and continuous application development.

Some traveller's tales here.

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